Launch of the Global Alliance for Pharma Solutions

July 27, 2023

On the initiative of seven service providers within the medical and pharmaceutical sector, an international alliance was formed under the name GAPS. The Global Alliance for Pharma Solutions aims to provide transnational solutions to clients seeking to commercialize their health and life sciences products GAPS is committed to deliver high-quality teams and tailored solutions to each client, emphasizing client service, quality, and results-based approaches. Additionally, the alliance strives to enhance his offerings by sharing best practices and continuously improving his services.

Seven founding members

GAPS is founded by seven companies who are active in not less than 54 countries, providing daily expertise with more than 8500 employees. Every member is considered an equal part of the alliance, offering unique geographical or solution-based expertise. The participating companies are Eversana (USA), good healthcare group (Germany), Medipartner (Belgium), Icon Group (Spain), Bi Pharma (France), Medhouse (Sweden) and Jakin (Italy).

Values of GAPS

The Global Alliance for Pharma Solutions (GAPS) is a global alliance of service companies dedicated to providing specialized professional services in collaboration with the healthcare community and the life science sector. Our main objective is to contribute solutions that prioritize patient benefits and drive modernization, efficiency, and success in the life science industry.


Putting Patients First: We prioritize the well-being and needs of patients over commercial interests.

Highest Quality: We uphold a common sense of quality and leverage best-in-class technology to deliver exceptional services.

Uniqueness: Each member brings unique capabilities and technology, contributing to our collective distinctiveness.

Collaboration and Flexibility: We value collaboration, sharing local strategies while maintaining a global outlook.

Ethical Conduct: We maintain loyalty, transparency, and adhere to non-disclosure agreements.