Icon Group


Icon Group

Calle Valle de Alcudia, 1, Las Rozas de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, 28232, Spain




Contact person

Carlos Díez-Ruza – President


Enrique Remezal Solano – CEO


Active countries

Spain, Portugal, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago, Peru, Jamaica, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela

Icon Group is one of the international leaders in outsourcing commercial services in the healthcare sector. Our team is fundamental to the company, and diversity and inclusion are valued to create an equitable and honest environment where every contribution is valuable to the organization.

We innovate by seeking new ways and trying new solutions to meet new challenges. Being the best isn’t enough; our real goal is to surpass ourselves through continuous improvement. We strive to transform the vast amount of data provided by current technology into relevant information for decision-making.

Every customer who chooses Icon Group becomes our long-term travel partner.

2014 Founding date
300+ Number of employees