Boulevard de France, 9a, Braine-l'Alleud, Région Wallonne, 1420, Belgium

+32 2 389 97 20

Contact person

Cedric Mont – Head of Operations

+32 496 60 04 45

Frédéric Durvaux – Associate Project Director

+32 497 59 45 62

Active countries

Belgium & Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

We focus on recruiting profiles for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, through direct searching or outsourcing. Thanks to this niche approach, we have built up an extensive talent pool over the years, covering profiles at all levels of experience. Recruitment is not just fishing for talent, it’s also about giving feedback to candidates. That positive, mutually beneficial mindset has proven to be a vital source of referrals – allowing us to grow our talent pool in a truly organic way beyond traditional networks. Medipartner wants to be approachable, in an active way, by connecting with customers, applicants and employees; embracing diversity and flexibility. As we are always looking for the next challenge, thinking out of the box and going the extra mile for our customers are key. We’re real problem solvers as we work on innovative and customized solutions. We embrace the power of data and give honest feedback. Medipartner stands for pureness and simplicity: what you see is what you get.

2016 Founding date
60+ Number of employees
80+ Number of recruited candidates/year
50+ Number of clients
2 Number of active countries